Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Test for Pete & Alisha

I have decided that this is the oddest story I have ever heard. I have heard so many crazy stories. This one by far takes the cake!

These two crazy fools in Minnesota are allowing the internet to decide if they choose to keep or abort their unborn child.

Go to this website to vote: link no longer available

The site is complete with comments, and even sonogram pics. I'm sure it's a stunt. So, to add to the insanity I'd like to propose this - I will pay for a post-birth private paternity test for these two weirdo's if they choose to keep the baby.

My offer is in no way a reflection on my political views. Be assured that I will remain neutral in the pro-life or pro-choice debate. AND About Minnesota-  I've never been to that dear state and after learning that these two crazy folk are from there I am so very excited to visit.

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