Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rapper's Future: Horchata- no: Paternity Test- yes.

Another rap star- rapper- hip hop icon- whatever they are calling themselves these days has two big milestones to celebrate!

Milestone 1. 
He's out of jail. Yay. Freedom. He recently checked in with probation officials in Yuma AZ. The metropolitan center that is 'Yuma' includes a legal border crossing into Mexico, but I really doubt he was granted permission for a quick visit for aguas frescas. Here's a link to my favorite recipe for Mexican Horchata! Yum. 

Milestone 2. 
He's been ordered to take a paternity test. Lil Wayne must take a court ordered paternity test by early December. - Click here for the story via Rolling Stone. Wayne already has other children.

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