Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Test for Pete & Alisha

I have decided that this is the oddest story I have ever heard. I have heard so many crazy stories. This one by far takes the cake!

These two crazy fools in Minnesota are allowing the internet to decide if they choose to keep or abort their unborn child.

Go to this website to vote: link no longer available

The site is complete with comments, and even sonogram pics. I'm sure it's a stunt. So, to add to the insanity I'd like to propose this - I will pay for a post-birth private paternity test for these two weirdo's if they choose to keep the baby.

My offer is in no way a reflection on my political views. Be assured that I will remain neutral in the pro-life or pro-choice debate. AND About Minnesota-  I've never been to that dear state and after learning that these two crazy folk are from there I am so very excited to visit.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm too stoned to remember who my baby daddy is!

For those of you who are fans of the Showtime hit, Weeds. There's a great recap of last night's episode posted over at Zap 2 it. Since every show on TV must now include a paternity test, this show has decided to focus on the paternity of Nancy's eldest. The clincher- it's a secret test! The alleged father does not know he's being tested.

If you've not seen the latest episode, definitely 

I've addressed the secret testing issue before in this blog post- Secret DNA testing.  Secret tests are good in instances where you don't want one of the participants to know they are being tested. I've seen some crazy schemes to get DNA samples from baby daddies. I've dealt with private investigators who've followed people just to dig straws, plastic forks and even gum out of trash cans. Even worse, I've been on the phone with grandmother's who've stolen garbage to obtain a sample of babies that might be their grandkids. 

Special Note *People commonly and incorrectly assume that a baby diaper will provide a good sample. Diapers do NOT make good DNA samples and if you call up a lab and ask if they'll test one - you'll get serious sticker shock. That's right - a forensic analyst will charge you extra to deal with a dirty diaper. I don't blame them! Do you? 

There are a lot of issues surrounding secret testing. Here are some things to think over. I'd love to hear your comments. 

1. What legal issues surround obtaining DNA from someone unknowingly? (Great Britain has laws against it.) 

2. Names don't appear on reports, so you can't really do much with the results. For example instead of saying, Alleged Father - Jon Smith. The report will say, Alleged Father- DNA Donor to Toothbrush. So if you find out that he really is the dad, how do you convince him that the test is legit? 

3. Let's just say you are brave enough to present the results to someone you've secretly tested. How do you explain that you went behind their back to steal their toothbrush, their hairbrush, their fingernail clippings or their razor? 

4. I've been doing this for too long! What other questions might you have? 

On a side note: Arizona's third try at legalizing medical marijuana passed over the weekend. That's right, AZ voters have approved the law twice before. It will be very interesting how they handle these 20 chromosomes in the coming future. 

Help Wanted

We're looking for blogging help. We are seeking someone to proofread, provide suggestions for posts, proofread, bring ideas and inspiration, did we mention proofreading? We'd love for you to be totally unversed in DNA testing. Please- no bio majors. We'd love it if you were up on current events, paid attention to celebrity drama, had a fantastic sense of humor and were available at least twice a week to IM. That's right you can work from HOME! Yay. Send inquiries to -

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas is coming

Christmas is just around the corner. Are some of those kids you are playing Santa to... really somebody else's babies? Find out now. Call iTestDNA at 623-594-1605.

Rapper's Future: Horchata- no: Paternity Test- yes.

Another rap star- rapper- hip hop icon- whatever they are calling themselves these days has two big milestones to celebrate!

Milestone 1. 
He's out of jail. Yay. Freedom. He recently checked in with probation officials in Yuma AZ. The metropolitan center that is 'Yuma' includes a legal border crossing into Mexico, but I really doubt he was granted permission for a quick visit for aguas frescas. Here's a link to my favorite recipe for Mexican Horchata! Yum. 

Milestone 2. 
He's been ordered to take a paternity test. Lil Wayne must take a court ordered paternity test by early December. - Click here for the story via Rolling Stone. Wayne already has other children.