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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can't have a baby? Rent a womb in India.

Surrogacy has been all over the news lately thanks to a woman in Michigan who was paid to be a surrogate and ended up keeping the babies (twins). Her name is Shelly Baker. The most surprising part of the story is that Shelly is not even biologically related to the children. Shelly only carried the children, her eggs were not used in the 'creation' of the babies. Scott and Amy Kehoe paid for all of the medical costs including the eggs and sperm from donors and are not biologically related to the children either. In Michigan the laws surrounding surrogacy are very weak and since Shelly Baker carried the children her connection to them trumps the monetary connection that the Kehoe's have. Kehoe Baker surrogacy story here.

This type of situation, while rare is occurring more and more often. Consider the case of Joe and John. Joe and John are married because in their state gay marriage is legal. Joe and John believe that the next logical step after marriage is to have a child together. Unfortunately for Joe and John neither of them is able to become pregnant. (Science isn't there yet... I'll update the blog when it is!) Joe and John have rented a womb. Womb For Rent Story Here. A woman in India is pregnant with their children. She is carrying two babies. Joe and John are hoping that one belongs to each of them, as they both donated sperm. Currently there is a huge market for surrogacy in India. The laws surrounding surrogacy are well written and in the favor of the parents paying for the procedures. The fees are much lower than one finds in the United States and since the laws are favorable many straight and gay Americans are opting to fulfill their dreams of parenthood in India. Since the children are born abroad the United States Department of Homeland Security is requiring DNA testing for the children to obtain passports before they are brought home to the US. 
Joe and John are seeking DNA testing for two reasons. First they want to know which of the children belong to which father. Joe and John are hoping that they have each fathered one child. Second they can prove via a DNA paternity test that they are the biological father's of the babies. The children are then eligible for US passports and citizenship. In order to accomplish this, Joe and John have called on iTestDNA for help. We are wishing them luck.